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April 2024

Happy Friday ESQE Families!

Wow what a wonderful Celebration of Learning we had on Wednesday! It was so nice to have the students showcase all of their progress and hard work throughout the school year. We hope you enjoyed this time!

A big shout out to staff for all the work they put into this event!

Sincerely, Ms. Hain



A warm welcome to our new clerical assistant - Tammy Ward!

With Tammy learning the role, we ask that our families help her ease into the position by:
  • Making sure you contact the school either by email or phone to let us know if your child is not coming to school or will be late. 
  • Please include FIRST and LAST name, and teacher for Tammy to easily look up the student and record the information 
  • We have a lot of families coming a few minutes prior to the bell. If you are wanting to pick up your child we ask that you come no later than 2:45 as the end of the day is quite hectic. Any pick up after this time, we will ask for you to wait until the class is dismissed rather than us calling up to the class. Thank you for your help with this.
Important Upcoming Dates
  • April 29th - May 3 Dance Directions is hosting workshops at our school
  • May 3rd PAC Soup Day, Volunteers needed!
  • May 10th Professional Development Day - School closed to students 
  • May 13th PAC Meeting 6:30pm SQE Library 
  • May 16th Earthquake Drill
  • May 17th Hot Lunch Day - Subway
  • May 17th Hot Lunch Orders due 
  • May 20th Victoria Day - School Closed 
  • May 24th ESQE Spring Carnival! Volunteers needed!
  • May 30th Class Photo Day!
  • May 31st Hot Lunch Day
  • May 31st Spirit Day - Dress Fancy Day 
  • DO NOT park or leave your car unattended in the round about. The round about is for emergency vehicles only, or for quick drop off. It is not for picking up after school. 
  • We have a busy parking lot during drop off and pick up.
  • Please park in a parking spot during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.
  • We encourage families to walk and/or bike to school as the parking lot is very busy.  
  • We are recommending that you use the overflow parking lot at the end of the parking lot for older children to be dropped off and picked up at where they can safely come and go from the field. 
Feeding Futures
In partnership with the provincial government, SD 48 is working to ensure that our students have access to more food. At Squamish Elementary we now have a large fridge that is accessible to all students that require additional breakfast or lunch, or are just feeling hungry and need an extra snack! Want to learn more, check out this link.
Celebrating SQE
We have had a busy April here at SQE, check out all the fun times! Ms. Crightons' class took on persuasive writing in "Fairy Tale Court" the battle of Cinderella vs. the Step Family! 
Mrs. Crightons' class went on a walking field trip to Municipal Hall. They dropped off their "Mayor for a Day" Projects. We were given a tour of the building, and had a chance to see a council meeting in action. They even snuck into the mayor's office for a quick photo! Sadly, the Mayor was out of touch!
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Ms. Lupton (Ms. Keller's) class has been working with our amazing Ms. B to write stories! 
Mme. Lazars' class is looking cozy with their families as they read together. Today, they celebrated writing their first book about a life memory. They are now including the beginning, middle, and end in their stories, using triple scoop words (adjectives) and move along words (Transitions)! Way to go!df
Mme. Lazars class looks cozy while reading with their families here!

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Easter Bunnies Spotted
Earth Day Assembly
April 22nd was Earth Day! We gathered as a school to bring awareness to the day, and to learn ho we can better protect our earth. Mme. Regniers' class taught us about the salmon, and we had several classes sing.
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Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Koscher's class are busy exploring shapes! And exploring literacy in some creative ways!
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We can all rest easy and feel safe, because Mme. Hryhirchuk's class is now trained in first aid! 
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Ms. B and Bev are working hard with our weaving club! 
Mr. Georgy-Embrees class went on some adventures and even learned about bears! Mr. GEs doppelganger even stopped by! Who knew he had a twin!
Celebration of Learning
This week we came together to celebrate our students and all their hard work. The school had such an amazing energy about it as students shared their learning with their families. Thank you so much to the students AND our incredible teachers for all their hard work in preparation for this event.  
Collaboration Day
Our teachers hard at work collaborating about project based & inquiry based learning - learning and being inspired by one another!
PAC - Parent Advisory Council Update
Upcoming dates
  • May 7th PAC Meeting 6:30pm SQE Library 
  • May 24th Spring Carnival, volunteers needed! Please reach out to [email protected] if you'd like to be involved!
Wow what a soup day success! Some amazing members of our PAC came together early Friday morning to make soup enough to feed over 400 students! They made both chicken noodle soup, as well as a vegan butternut squash! Yummy in our tummies!

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Community News
Have you ever had a chance to check out the Family Smart Events. They have lots of different virtual events to support family learning. For example, on May 7th is a session called "Connecting with Kids" - looking closer at how to have meaningful conversations with youth. Check out their website to learn more https://familysmart.ca/monthly-events/



Happy Birthday April!!
This month Mme. Hryhirchuks & Mrs. McQueens' class were celebrated with a pizza party!  sdf