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January 2024

Happy Thursday Families,
How is it February next week already?! Teachers and EAs will be doing some learning tomorrow with Sea to Sky Allies, stay tuned for more on what we learned and other professional learning we get up to in the afternoon!
There are a lot of community events for parents/guardians coming your way over the next two months, please keep an eye out and mark your calendars! (see below for more info.)
With all the rainy weather we know it can be hard to get outside. That said, we encourage outside activities rain or shine. Check out some ideas for creative outdoor place here!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Sarah Hain
ESQE Principal
Lets help keep each other healthy!
As our winter season continues, we are seeing an increase in students with coughs, colds, and flu bugs.

To keep our school community safe and healthy, we are reminding families of the importance of keeping students home if they are sick. 
Upcoming Dates
  • Feb 5-9 Carnaval (in school student activities)
  • Feb 7th Collaboration Day, 12:05 Early Dismissal
  • Feb 9th Subway/Tacofino hot lunch 
  • Feb 9th Hot lunch Orders due (for Feb 23rd Freshi/Panago Hot lunch day)
  • Feb 13th Lockdown Drill
  • Feb 13th PAC Meeting 6:30pm in the Library 
  • Feb16th SD 48 Implementation Day - School closed to students
  • Feb 19th Family Day - School is closed
  • Feb 23rd Panago/Freshii Hot Lunch Day
  • Feb 23rd Spirit Day - Favourite Celebrity
  • Feb 23rd Fire Drill 
  • For any absences or early pick-ups: please email [email protected] as this is more efficient than calling in. 
  • Please send your child to school with appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather, the rain is here!!
  • Please remember to send a water bottle with your child 
  • We still need your help to keep our students and staff save in our parking lot. Please find a proper spot to park and do not park or idle in the bus loop or round about.
Celebrating ESQE
Wow, a lot has been happening at SQE to ring in 2024! Check it out!
Mme. Goldmans' class is setting themselves up for growth and success in 2024, diving deep into the idea of goal setting and new years resolutions. 
Winter wonderland! Our students took full advantage of the big snow fall that we had! Here are some snaps of Mme. Ryan, Mme. Goldman, Mme. Eade, & Monsieur Castrillos' classes galivanting in the snow!
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Mr. Georgy-Embree, Monsieur Castrillo, Mme Paquette, and Mme Regniers' classes went up to the Whistler Olympic Park to do some cross country skiing. It may have been chilly out, but what a beautiful day to be on the mountain!
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Mme. Hryhirchuk & Ms. Stewarts' classes took to the ice, showing of their moves!
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Here are some eye-catching abstract compositions that the students have been working on Ms. Duncan. The focus is on the elements of line, shape and colour, and along with the principles of movement, balance and contrast. 

Part of our school learning plan is a focus on building collaboration skills. Ms. West and her student have been working hard towards this goal! Below is a collage of students sharing their collaborative projects!
Mr. Hackett and a team of teachers put together an eventful literacy week! Students explored reading together, and even dressed up as a book character!
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PAC Updates
  • Feb 9th Subway/Tacofino hot lunch - Parent Volunteers welcome!
  • Feb 13th PAC Meeting 6:30pm in the Library 
  • Feb 15th SOGI Parent Information Night (time to be announced)
  • Feb 23rd Hot lunch Panago & Freshi!
  • SAVE THE DATE! Spring Carnival May 24th
For February and March our PAC will be running 2 hot lunches! One, with Subway and Tacofino, and one with Panago Pizza and Freshi. Be sure to check out the online ordering system. 
Our amazing PAC started 2024 with a bang! Hosting our first (and hopefully annual) pancake pajama breakfast, along with 2 hot lunches, all within the first two weeks! The students were cozy in their pj's, they were so polite and respectful to our parent volunteers, and sat family style around tables in the gym enjoying their warm, freshly made pancakes!

Thank you to all the parents who donated their time and griddles!
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Community Connection
Check out the upcoming Family Smart information events for parents and guardians with topics ranging from supporting youth struggling with eating disorders, mental health crisis, and creating safe spaces. Check out www.familysmart.ca for events and registration information. 

This social media awareness event is hosted by Safer Schools. Follow this link to register. 
Happy Birthday January birthdays!!
This month Mme. Eades' class celebrated their birthdays with a pizza party and a book!
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